Macaos Gallery 1.6

Build (23-06-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003742: [Pro Version Archive] Move quotations to another folder in archive
- 0003741: [Pro Version Archive] Show seller initials

Build (21-06-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003731: [Pro Version Archive] Add support for subfolders in quotation archive
- 0003721: [Pro Version Archive] Additional columns in quotation archive
- 0003737: [Pro Version Price Editor] Show choice list when specifying selector value
- 0003735: [Pro Version Price Editor] Additional price parameters
- 0003738: [Pro Version Price Editor] Selector chooses wrong category when param<=category
- 0003734: [Pro Version Price Editor] Some issues with wizard
- 0003733: [Pro Version Price Editor] Can not enter negative default value in curve editor

Build (30-05-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003650: [Import] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
- 0003651: [Panel] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
- 0003630: [Panel] Replace board in panel
- 0003692: [Test fixture] Support for new Standard Macaos Test Jig
- 0003678: [Test fixture] Place static alignment pin along edge of board
- 0003584: [Test fixture] Allow user to specify/edit pin coordinates
- 0003652: [Import] Should be possible to cancel UL mark placement with right mouse
- 0003705: [Panel] Break off holes should be symmetric on both sides of panel frame
- 0003716: [Pro version Quote] Order weight does not update when changing quote specs