With Macaos Enterprise you can easily manage information about your PCBs and Solder Paste Stencils. Product information, production data, order and fabrication history, etc. is at your fingertips. Instant online quotations and order placement save you time and money.

Product Browser

Product browser

The Product Browser allows you to browse all of your PCB and Stencil products for product specifications, fabrication history, order history, etc. Products may be sorted into customizable project folders for easy searching. You can also put products "on hold" to temporarily disable them.

The Product Viewer allows you to view and inspect the product's Gerber, drill and pick & place data in detail. Features include pan, zoom, measure and complete layer selection. Documentation files, including automatically generated stackup drawings and panel drawings, may be viewed or saved locally. You may also add additional documentation to the product, if necessary.

The print utility may be used to generate high quality technical drawings in PDF format. Layout drawings for each layer, stackup drawings and drill template drawings may be generated.

Import ModuleImport Module

The Import Module is used to read Gerber and drill files, as well as pick & place data and documentation, into the system and "package" them into a PCB product. Each input file is automatically mapped to it's board layer, based on an AI-based filename analysis or by using pre-defined or customizable filename filters. A WYSIWYG viewer shows your board just as it will be interpreted by the manufacturer. Once the PCB has been "published" to the system it will appear in the Product Browser, ready for panelization and/or purchase.


When defining your board, you may choose from a large selection of pre-defined stackups, or define your own buildup. Either way, a  high quality technical drawing of the stackup is automatically generated in PDF format.



A unique feature of the import module is the ability to add symbols to the component legend or solder mask layers. Available symbols include: Lead-free, CE-mark, WEEE, Recycle, ESD, RoHS, bar code, fiducial and the fabricator's UL-mark.

Quotation Module

Quotation Module

The Quotation Module gives you access to online price quotations from participating suppliers. Select multiple board quantities and delivery times in order to choose the quantity/delivery/price combination that suits your needs. Once you have selected your desired price, your order can be placed with just a few mouse clicks.

Suppliers participating in the Macaos Enterprise online system have sales offices in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, which serve customers througout the European Economic Zone.

Note: If you are interested in participating as a supplier or reseller in the Macaos Enterprise online system, contact us at support@macaos.com.